Former Assistant Secretary General to the UN visits FHI

On July 21st Professor Steve Stedman visited the Future of Humanity Institute to discuss global catastrophic risks and emerging technology.  Professor Stedman is the former Assistant Secretary General to the United Nations, where he proposed and implemented the United Nations Task Force on Counter-terrorism, among other accomplishments.  Continue reading


2014-07-16 15.45.02In collaboration with the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, FHI hosted a MIRIx Workshop to develop the technical agenda for AI safety. Attendees generated new strategic considerations for technical agenda setting, technical research ideas, and comments on existing topics in the technical agenda.

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Anders Sandberg presents at US Army Research Laboratory

Anders Sandberg gave an invited talk about enhancement ethics and emerging technologies at the Army Research Labs Adelphi Center. His main theme was how automation will shift occupational demand – both in society at large and in a military setting – more towards skills and abilities where human enhancement is relevant. Continue reading

Biosecurity Seminar at FHI

Last month Edward Perello, Cofounder of Desktop Genetics Ltd, gave a lecture on emerging technologies and biosecurity at the Future of Humanity Institute. Topics included DNA synthesis, the biohacking movement, and government regulation.
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Good Done Right: a Conference on Effective Altruism

Four representatives from the Future of Humanity Institute will be speaking at Good Done Right, a conference on effective altruism taking place on July 7th-9th at All Souls College in Oxford. The conference will seek to use insights from ethical theory, economics, and related disciplines to identify the best means to secure and promote the most important values and advocate for their adoption. Continue reading