We are hiring

We are now welcoming open expressions of interest from researchers and administrators who would would like to join our multi-disciplinary team focused on improving the long-run future of humanity.  At this time we are particularly interested in computer scientists with a background in machine learning, and policy analysts with a background in the governance of emerging technologies. Continue reading

FHI Technical Report: MDL Intelligence Distillation by Eric Drexler

In a newly published FHI Technical Report, “MDL Intelligence Distillation: Exploring strategies for safe access to superintelligent problem-solving capabilities”, Eric Drexler explores a general approach to separating learning capacity from domain knowledge, and then using controlled input and retention of specialised domain knowledge to focus and implicitly constrain the capabilities of domain-specific superintelligent problem solvers.

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Now Hiring Postdoctoral Researchers

Applications are invited for a full-time Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Artificial Intelligence (AI) safety within the Future of Humanity Institute (FHI) at Oxford University. This post is fixed-term for 2 years from the date of appointment. Continue reading

Research on Moral Trade

FHI researcher Toby Ord has published recent research on moral trade in Ethics. Differing ethical viewpoints can allow for moral trade, arrangements that improve the state of affairs from all involved viewpoints. Continue reading