We always want to hear from world-class researchers at any level of seniority (PhDs, post-docs, and professors) and high-calibre operations, project management, and communications staff who might be interested in getting involved in our work. If this might be you, please get in touch, even if no current opening seems to fit. Due to the volume of interest we receive we strongly prefer statements of interest of 300 words or less, and specificity about the capacities in which you would like to engage with FHI.

Aside from the areas in which we are currently most visibly active (AI safety and capability, Biosecurity, Governance of AI, Macrostrategy), we are also interested in building more capacity on the following topics. There might even be opportunities for a suitably talented and effective individual to build up their own research group within FHI to focus on one of these:

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  • AI ethics and philosophy of mind: especially questions concerning which computations are conscious and which digital minds have what kinds of moral status
  • Transparency and surveillance: especially questions concerning the role of surveillance in preventing existential risks and how to architect global information systems.
  • Philosophical foundations: for example, questions related to anthropics, infinite ethics, decision theory, computationalism, cluelessness, and value theory pertaining to radically technologically empowered futures.
  • Grand futures: for example, questions related to the Fermi paradox, cosmological modeling of the opportunities available to technologically mature civilizations, implications of multiverse theories, the ultimate limits to technological advancement.
  • Cooperative principles and institutions: theoretical investigations into structures that facilitate cooperation at different scales; and search for levers where a relatively small effort could increase the chances of cooperative equilibria.
  • AI ethics: analysing ethical issues that arise with current uses of machine intelligence or in the context of possible future developments.
  • AI capabilities: seeking a better understanding of the capabilities and limitations of the current AI systems, and the likely paths along which these capabilities may grow as the field of machine intelligence advances; developing intuitions and theoretical understanding of how key machine learning algorithms scale, their limitations, and their epistemological, computations, decision theoretic properties.
  • Nanotechnology: analysing roadmaps to atomically precise manufacturing and related technologies, including possible intersections with advances in artificial intelligence, and potential impacts and strategic implications of progress in these areas.

Open positions

Research Assistant to Director, Future of Humanity Institute

Applications are invited for a Research Assistant for Professor Nick Bostrom, Director of FHI. We are looking for a general-purpose research assistant willing to conduct research on diverse topics meaningful to the work of the Director. We are able to sponsor a visa for applicants who do not have the right to work in the […]

Website and Media Outreach Manager

Applications are invited for a Website and Media Outreach manager. The successful candidate will be responsible for maintaining FHI’s website, social media outreach, and providing design support. The duties of this post are expected to evolve and change in response to the rapid advance of software technology and the demands of the user population. The […]

Join our rapidly growing research teams

THESE POSITIONS ARE NOW CLOSED The Future of Humanity Institute is opening several research positions to hire researchers who specialise either in one of our most visible current areas of research (Macrostrategy, Technical AI safety, Center for the Governance of AI, and Biosecurity), or in areas where we are looking to build capacity (mentioned below). As FHI grows in […]

Research Scholars Project Coordinator

THIS POSITION IS NOW CLOSED The Future of Humanity Institute’s Research Scholars Programme is hiring a Project Coordinator to manage day-to-day operations as the programme scales, and take a lead on side projects. About the Research Scholars Programme The Research Scholars Programme (RSP) was launched in October 2018. The programme employs a small number of […]

Project Manager

THIS POSITION IS NOW CLOSED Applications are invited for a high impact Project Manager for FHI’s Macrostrategy research group – senior researchers who investigate which crucial considerations are shaping what is at stake for the future of humanity. Macrostrategy research is developing better intellectual tools for analyzing the connections between current actions and long-term outcomes, and […]

FHI DPhil Scholarships applications launched

The Future of Humanity Institute is delighted to open applications to its new DPhil Scholarships programme. The scholarships are open to incoming Oxford DPhil students whose research seeks to improve the long-term prospects of humanity, and offer full funding as well as office space within FHI. See here for more information about the program and […]

Director’s Project Manager

THIS POSITION IS NOW CLOSED We are seeking applications for a full time Project Manager. The incumbent will perform a critical function advancing FHI’s mission to ensure a long flourishing future. The post is fixed-term for 2 years from the date of appointment. You will work closely with the Head of Operations to lead and […]

Research Scholars and Senior Research Scholars

THIS POSITION IS NOW CLOSED The Future of Humanity Institute’s Research Scholars Programme is excited to open applications for its 2019 cohort. RSP is a selective, two-year research programme, with lots of latitude for exploration as well as significant training and support elements. We will offer roughly six to ten salaried positions to early-career researchers who […]

Website and Communications Officer

THIS POSITION IS NOW CLOSED FHI is excited to invite applications for a full-time Website and Communications officer. The post is fixed-term for 24 months from the date of appointment. The role holder will be responsible for developing and implementing a communications strategy for all activities of the institute. S/he will develop and maintain FHI’s […]

Project Managers

THESE POSITIONS ARE NOW CLOSED! We are seeking applications for two full time Project Manager roles. These roles will perform a critical function advancing FHI’s mission to ensure a long flourishing future. Both posts are fixed-term for 3 years from the date of appointment. Project Manager for the Research Scholars Programme (RSP). Applications are invited [...]

Visiting FHI

FHI regularly welcomes senior visitors from a variety of different research disciplines. Visits can include seminars, meeting with researchers and/or research collaborations. Please contact us if you are interested in visiting.

Equality and Diversity

The University of Oxford is committed to fostering an inclusive culture which promotes equality, values diversity and maintains a working, learning and social environment in which the rights and dignity of all its staff and students are respected. Find out more about diversity and equality at Oxford University here.

DPhil Opportunities

FHI offers a DPhil scholarship scheme, granting full scholarships to successful DPhil applicants at the University of Oxford whose research aims to answer crucial questions for improving the long-term prospects of humanity. See here for more information.

Many of the researchers at FHI also welcome the opportunity to collaborate with other Oxford University departments in co-supervising DPhil students. Please send us your CV and a short outline of your research proposal if you are interested in pursuing a DPhil with FHI co-supervision.


Please get in touch on fhijobs@philosophy.ox.ac.uk for any enquiries.