The Future of Humanity Institute is now opening applications for our AI Alignment Fellowship. This fellowship allows individuals to visit us for a period of three or more months to pursue research related to the theory or design of human-aligned AI.

It is supervised largely by Michael Cohen, Stuart Armstrong and Ryan Carey – some of our research interests are represented herehere, and here.

This arrangement differs from the “AISML internship” offered in previous years, by giving visiting fellows greater autonomy in their respective projects.

If you have questions about the AI Alignment Fellowship please reach out to ann.iwashita-leroux@philosophy.ox.ac.uk

Who should apply?

We have previously accepted applicants ranging from undergraduate to postdoc level. A successful applicant will usually have two or more of: (i) published (or acclaimed) papers in machine learning or other theoretical fields, (ii) great academic referees, (iii) relevant graduate education, (iv) clear ideas for AI alignment research, and/or (v) good Olympiad/competition results.

The summer 2020 cohort

Applications have now closed for visitors seeking to visit during summer 2020. For visitors seeking to visit at any later time, we will continue to review applications around the beginning of each month, throughout 2020, and into the indefinite future.


To apply, please submit a CV and 1 page statement of interest. 

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