Through research and policy engagement, the Governance of AI Program strives to steer the development of artificial intelligence for the common good. The Governance of AI Program is based at the University of Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute, in close collaboration with Yale University. We track contemporary applications of AI in justice, the economy, cybersecurity, and the military, and take seriously the immediately pressing issues they pose to transparency, fairness, accountability, and security. Our particular focus, however, is on the challenges arising from transformative AI: advanced AI systems whose impact may be as profound as the industrial revolution.

Our work looks at:

  • trends, causes, and forecasts of AI progress;
  • transformations of the sources of wealth and power;
  • global political dimensions of AI-induced unemployment and inequality;
  • risks and dynamics of international AI races;
  • possibilities for global cooperation;
  • associated emerging technologies such as those involving crypto-economic systems, weapons systems, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and surveillance;
  • global public opinion, values, ethics;
  • long-run possibilities for beneficial global governance of advanced AI

Some members of the GAP team

We advise leading AI labs and political actors, and work to build the community of those thoughtfully committed to beneficial AI. For any questions about GAP, please get in touch.