Researchers (Center for the Governance of AI)

Researchers are the foundation of our work. Our researchers are all responsible for leading a project, some of which involve managing a team of collaborators. We also collaborate extensively with each other, and researchers from other groups. Researchers share feedback with one another, publish in journals, and present their work at university seminars and international conferences.

They address topics including (for more details, see our Research Agenda):

  • long-run possibilities for beneficial global governance of advanced AI
  • institutions and possibilities for global cooperation;
  • risks and dynamics of international AI races;
  • trends, causes, and forecasts of AI progress;
  • transformations of the sources of wealth and power;
  • associated technologies like crypto-economic systems, nanotechnology, biotechnology, lie detection, and surveillance;
  • global public opinion, values, ethics, and positive visions;
  • global political dimensions of AI-induced unemployment and inequality;

To get some sense of what we are looking for, the ideal Researcher candidates would have:

  1. Advanced expertise in at least one of the areas outlined above.
  2. The ability to undertake high-quality independent research which results in academic publications in one of the areas outlined above with minimal supervision.
  3. A strong academic background in a relevant field. Preferably a doctorate.

In most cases, researchers would start working with us as full-time contractors, with opportunities for full-time roles further down the line. Researchers can be remote and part-time, though we have a preference for candidates interested in full-time work in Oxford.


To apply for a Researcher role, please submit the following information to with “Application: Researcher” as the subject line:

  • Resume or CV
  • Statement of interest, answering the questions:
      • Why do you want to work with us?
      • What can you contribute to our team?
      • How does this role fit into your overall plans?
  • Two references
      • Names and email addresses; no letters required.
  • A sample showcasing your work
      • It could be a paper, essay, blog post, article or the like
      • Samples on topics related to our work are preferred, but not necessary
  • An outline (1 A4) describing a research project that you would like to work with us on (based on the Research Agenda)