Thank you for supporting the Future of Humanity Institute.

At FHI we answer the question ‘what can we do now to ensure a long and flourishing future’? Your donation will help us answer this question to work towards a positive future for humanity.

American donations can be made via Americans for Oxford. Please select ‘Future of Humanity Institute’ in the dropdown menu.

Please get in touch if you want to donate from another location or if you have any further queries.

Why donate to FHI?

The Future of Humanity Institute is a leading research body in the small but extremely pressing area of existential risk reduction. Your financial support will have a direct impact on the work done to avoid these risks, such as those posed by novel technologies like artificial intelligence and biotechnology.  Financial support is the most immediate and perhaps the most important way you can help make an impact on the prosperity of current and future generations. Contributions from individual donors and independent institutions are increasingly important as they ensure a level of independence from official grant-making bodies with their own respective agendas. Your donations will have a direct impact on increasing the number of researchers in the field, increasing research productivity and generating ideas and solutions for a positive future for humanity.

What else can I do to support FHI?

If you think your research or other skills will help advance FHI’s mission, please see our jobs page for current openings or email us your profile to

Special thanks

There are a few people and organisations that have made or pledged a significant contribution to FHI’s research (> £250,000). We would like to thank them for their impact on our progress over the past years:

Alexander Tamas, Amlin plc, Elon Musk, European Research Council, Future of Life Institute, Leverhulme Trust, Luke Ding, Open Philanthropy Project, Oxford Martin School