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There are currently fewer than two-dozen full time researchers worldwide exclusively engaged in the study of extinction risks, such as those posed by novel technologies such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, or artificial intelligence. Given the stakes, the marginal gains to be made in adding to this small pool of research could thus be substantial.

100% of donations made to FHI are used to investigate crucial considerations for reducing existential risk. Even a small increase in our understanding of these issues can be critical. Sadly, extinction is not hyperbole in this context. These catastrophes would not only end the lives of those currently on Earth, they would end the tale of the human endeavour.

Our research has been cited over 10,000 times in the academic literature and has been taken up by the media on more than 10,000 occasions. We have advised many dozens of organisations in government and industry, including the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, the US State Department, the UK House of Commons, and the Prime Minister’s Office.

Financial support is the most immediate and perhaps the most important way in which an individual can help to expand our impact. Financial support allows our researchers some freedom from the fluctuating funding priorities of traditional academic grant making agencies and may allow us to expand our staff in critical areas.

“Our approach to existential risks cannot be one of trial-and-error. There is no opportunity to learn from errors. The reactive approach — see what happens, limit damages, and learn from experience — is unworkable. Rather, we must take a proactive approach. This requires foresight to anticipate new types of threats and a willingness to take decisive preventive action and to bear the costs (moral and economic) of such actions.”

Nick Bostrom

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