Andrew Snyder-Beattie

Director of Research

Andrew Snyder-Beattie is Director of Research at the Future of Humanity Institute, where he leads a number of research, policy, outreach, recruitment, and fundraising activities.  His interests revolve around the protection of future generations, with a particular focus on existential risks, technological horizon scanning, and longer term biosecurity and non-proliferation issues.

While at FHI, Andrew obtained over £4.2 million from grant-writing and spearheaded a number of collaborations with foundations, companies, and government bodies.  He also serves as a coordinator for the horizon scanning project at the Cambridge Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, and as advisor to the Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative.  His writing on AI safety was included in the US White House Office of Science & Technology Policy’s request for information on the future of artificial intelligence, while his research on liability insurance for risky biotechnology was referred to in key discussions at the US National Academy of Sciences.

Andrew’s writing has been featured in venues such as the Guardian, Ars Technica, and the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, as well as on the front page of Reddit.  He has given many public lectures at academic and corporate events in more than half a dozen countries.  As a hobby, he has consulted with artists and included in the Berlin Biennale, and is involved in Effective Altruism, donating at least 10% of his income to the most cost-effective charities as a Giving What We Can member.  He holds degrees in biomathematics and economics, and while working at FHI is simultaneously pursuing a doctorate degree in zoology at the University of Oxford.