Baobao Zhang

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Specialization: Public opinion research; American politics; public policy

Baobao is a fifth-year PhD candidate in Yale University’s Department of Political Science. During the 2017-2018 academic year, she is visiting Nuffield College, Oxford as an exchange scholar. For the past two years, Baobao has worked as a data scientist for the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication.

Currently, Baobao works on three projects: the AI Public Opinion Project, the AI Expert Surveys, and a book project on automation and the future U.S. welfare state. She leads the AI Public Opinion Project, which surveys people around the world about their attitudes towards AI. Their surveys explore themes such as trust in government and corporate institutions to develop and regulate AI, views about AI governance challenges, and preferences towards AI regulatory policy. In addition, Baobao works on the AI Expert Surveys, a biannual survey in which AI researchers forecast future developments in AI technology.She also works on a book project about how the U.S. welfare state could adapt to the increasing automation of labor.


Midwest Political Science Association conference | Topic: Automation and economic anxiety | Chicago, April 2018.