Jade Leung

Project Manager: Research & Partnerships; Researcher | jade.leung@philosophy.ox.ac.uk

Specialization: Emerging and dual-use technology governance; role of private companies in AI governance; firm-government dynamics of cooperation and conflict; models of international cooperation for strategic technologies

Jade is the Head of Research & Partnerships with the Centre for the Governance of Artificial Intelligence (GovAI). She is also a researcher with the Centre – her work focuses on modelling the politics of strategic general purpose technologies. Specifically, she examines the relationships between firms, the government, and the research community with the view to understanding how these dynamics seed cooperation and conflict.

As Research & Partnerships lead, Jade plays a central role in steering GovAI’s research priorities and projects, developing impact strategies for our research outputs, and facilitating research collaborations. She also leads on our partnerships strategy, focusing on building high value relationships with key stakeholders and decision makers.

Jade completed her DPhil in International Relations at the University of Oxford in 2019 on: “Who will govern artificial intelligence? Learning from the history of strategic politics in emerging technologies”. The full thesis can be found here.

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