Ondrej Bajgar

Senior Research Scholar | ondrej.bajgar@eng.ox.ac.uk | LinkedIn

Ondrej Bajgar is a DPhil Affiliate at the Future of Humanity Institute and also a DPhil candidate in the CDT in Autonomous, Intelligent Machines and Systems in the Department of Engineering Science. His research focuses on learning and enforcing robust safety constraints on the behaviour of autonomous systems. He has also been examining whether human rights could form a value foundation on which safety constraints and the associated governance structures could be built. He studied mathematics at the University of Warwick, and before joining FHI, he worked as an AI researcher for IBM Watson, mainly in the areas of text understanding, dialogue systems, and the methodology of evaluating machine learning architectures. Before starting his DPhil, he spent two years at FHI as a Senior Research Scholar. He has also been involved in running Summer Academy Discover, helping high school students find a meaningful future direction.