The Future of Humanity Institute is a multidisciplinary research institute at the University of Oxford.  It enables a select set of leading intellects to bring the tools of mathematics, philosophy, and science to bear on big-picture questions about humanity and its prospects.  The Institute belongs to the Faculty of Philosophy and is affiliated with the Oxford Martin School.

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Oxford Martin Lecture on Superintelligence — October 2014

On October 13th Professor Nick Bostrom will present his recent book Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies at the Oxford Martin School. The lecture will be followed by a book signing and drink reception, open to the public.

Now Hiring: Interdisciplinary Researchers Needed for Risk Analysis — October 2014

The Future of Humanity Institute is hiring for two positions.  We are looking for ambitious interdisciplinary researchers interested in issues of systemic risk.

Seminar: Deterrence Theory and Global Catastrophic Risk Reduction — October 2014

On October 13th, Dr. Seth Baum, the executive director of the Global Catastrophic Risk Institute, will lead a seminar on deterrence theory and global catastrophic risk reduction at FHI. 

Carl Frey discusses his research in the Financial Times — October 2014

Today Carl Frey presented his economics research in an article in the Financial Times. 

Open talk: ethical alternatives to experiments to create potential pandemic pathogens — September 2014

Professor Marc Lipsitch will be giving a talk on recent experiments with potential pandemic pathogens and their ethical alternatives on September 25th. Professor Lipsitch is a professor of epidemiology and the director of the Centre for Communicable Disease Dynamics at Harvard University.

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