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FHI investigates what we can do now to ensure a long flourishing future.

FHI is a multidisciplinary research institute at the University of Oxford. Academics at FHI bring the tools of mathematics, philosophy and social sciences to bear on big-picture questions about humanity and its prospects. The Institute is led by Founding Director Professor Nick Bostrom.

Humanity has the potential for a long and flourishing future. Our mission is to shed light on crucial considerations that might shape that future.  Learn more…


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Reframing Superintelligence: Comprehensive AI Services as General Intelligence

Reframing Superintelligence Abstract: Studies of superintelligent-level systems have typically posited AI functionality that plays the role of a mind in a rational utility-directed agent, and hence employ an abstraction initially developed as an idealized model of human decision makers. Today, developments in AI technology highlight intelligent systems that are quite unlike minds, and provide a […]

FHI Publication at NeurIPS 2018

A recent paper by FHI researcher Stuart Armstrong and former intern Soren Mindermann (now at the Vector Institute) has been accepted at NeurIPS 2018. The paper, Impossibility of deducing preferences and rationality from human policy, considers the scenario in which AI system learns the values and biases of a human agent concurrently. This extends an existing […]

Deciphering China’s AI Dream

This report examines the intersection of two subjects, China and artificial intelligence, both of which are already difficult enough to comprehend on their own. It provides context for China's AI strategy with respect to past science and technology plans, and it also connects the consistent and new features of China's AI approach to the drivers [...]

Join our rapidly growing research teams

THESE POSITIONS ARE NOW CLOSED The Future of Humanity Institute is opening several research positions to hire researchers who specialise either in one of our most visible current areas of research (Macrostrategy, Technical AI safety, Center for the Governance of AI, and Biosecurity), or in areas where we are looking to build capacity (mentioned below). As FHI grows in […]

Research Scholars Project Coordinator

THIS POSITION IS NOW CLOSED The Future of Humanity Institute’s Research Scholars Programme is hiring a Project Coordinator to manage day-to-day operations as the programme scales, and take a lead on side projects. About the Research Scholars Programme The Research Scholars Programme (RSP) was launched in October 2018. The programme employs a small number of […]

Project Manager

THIS POSITION IS NOW CLOSED Applications are invited for a high impact Project Manager for FHI’s Macrostrategy research group – senior researchers who investigate which crucial considerations are shaping what is at stake for the future of humanity. Macrostrategy research is developing better intellectual tools for analyzing the connections between current actions and long-term outcomes, and […]