The Future of Humanity Institute is pleased to announce the winners of our 2013 competition.

Competition Results: Enhancing Humanity’s Collective Wisdom

In 2013 The Future of Humanity Institute ran a prize competition open to students in Science, Economics, Sociology, Law, History & Politics.

Entrants submitted a two-page ‘thesis proposal’ consisting of a 300 word abstract and an outline plan of a thesis on a topic related to enhancing humanity’s collective wisdom.

We had received many strong proposals for the competition; Professor Nick Bostrom and Dr. Toby Ord have reviewed all submitted entries and our top four winners have been selected and notified.

First Prize:
“Practical Mechanism Design for Information Elicitation and Aggregation”
Blake Riley, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Second Prize:
“Common narratives, common solutions: Understanding Wikipedia’s consensus—building strategies”
Heather Ford, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

Honorary mentions:
“Improving Noncognitive Skills: A Tool to Alleviate the Consequences of Global Poverty”
Samura Atallah, Harvard University

“Preparing for the Challenges Ahead: Cost-Effective Interventions in the Educational System”
Hampus Ljungberg, Lund University

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