The Future of Humanity Institute is delighted to announce the hiring of our first international policy specialist on biotechnology, Piers Millett

Piers consults for the World Health Organization on research and development for public health emergencies. He spent more than a decade working for the Biological Weapons Convention, the international treaty that bans biological weapons. Piers holds advanced degrees in science policy, research methodology and international security, and has authored a wide range of policy, technical and peer reviewed documents across the full scope of health security and is a regular speaker at conferences, workshops and seminars around the world. He also co-founded a successful consultancy firm that works with government, industry and academia to ensure the safe, secure and sustainable exploitation of biology as a manufacturing technology.

With FHI, Piers will work as a Senior Research Fellow, focusing on pandemic and deliberate disease and the implications of biotechnology. He is currently developing a short review that links together issues around biological weapons, advances in biotechnology and existential risk and is collaborating with colleagues at CSER on their Bioengineering Horizon Scanning exercise.

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