Nick Bostrom, Miles Brundage and Allan Dafoe are advising the UK government on issues concerning the developments in artificial intelligence.

Miles Brundage presented evidence on 11 September on the topic ‘Governance, social and organisational perspective for AI’ (evidence meeting 5), looking at AI and cultural systems and new forms of organisational structure.

On 10 October, Nick Bostrom participated on a panel for the first public evidence session by the House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial intelligence in Westminster.

Allan Dafoe will present evidence on 30 October on the ‘International perspective and exemplars’ (evidence meeting 7), looking at examples of other countries’ preparedness for the rapid developments in artificial intelligence, and how these can serve as case studies.  

These interactions add to past advice to the UK government on artificial intelligence by the FHI Politics team, including evidence presented by Owen Cotton-Barratt in 2016.

A recording of Nick Bostrom’s evidence session is available here. FHI’s written submission to the Lords Select Committee on AI can be accessed here.


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