Vincent C. Müller and Anders Sandberg will present their paper on “Brain Surveillance” at the 2nd Ethics of Surveillance Conference, Leeds, June 24-25, 2013.

From the Research Group on Information and Communication Technologies, Surveillance & Society:

Recent years have seen rapid technological advances in the field of information and communication technologies (ICTs), with increasingly powerful computers moving into devices so small they are becoming invisible. The accelerating digitization of surveillance means surveillance technologies have been developing along a parallel trajectory. Ubiquitous computing is becoming increasingly synonymous with invisible surveillance, raising a number of ethical questions which the 2nd Ethics of Surveillance Conference aims to shed light on.

This conference will bring leading scholars from the fields of Surveillance Studies and Critical Theories of ICTs together to discuss the current state of the art in state and corporate surveillance and debate the questions driving their current research. Keynote speakers: Prof. Christian Fuchs, Dr. Kirstie Ball, Prof. Charles Raab and Dr. Mark Andrejevic.

Registration for the conference is now open; click here for more details.

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