On March 5, 2013, Nick Bostrom gave a talk at The Economist’s “Technology Frontiers” conference, on the topic of human nature and the future of humanity.

Technology has moved beyond simply transforming how we live. We are entering an era where technology will redefine who we are. It is no longer just a question of what technology can do for us, but also what should we allow technology to do. Technology Frontiers is THE technology event for business leaders. It is a truly inspiring event that looks over the horizon at where technological innovation is going and how business can prepare for that today. True to the principles of The Economist, it is not just about great ideas, but ideas with meaning – the practical implication for business. Technology Frontiers is the business event that continues to take a fresh perspective on how technology will transform our work, our lives, our world.

You can see more about this event at the Technology Frontiers 2013 site.

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