The Future of Humanity Institute’s Research Scholars Programme is hiring a Project Coordinator to manage day-to-day operations as the programme scales, and take a lead on side projects.

About the Research Scholars Programme

The Research Scholars Programme (RSP) was launched in October 2018. The programme employs a small number of talented, curious thinkers, giving mentorship to help them develop judgement about what to work on from the perspective of securing a flourishing future.  

The first cohort of RSP contains 9 scholars. In September 2019, RSP will be accepting its second cohort, and FHI will also be welcoming its first set of DPhil scholars. This will more than double the number of junior researchers RSP is responsible for, and so we are expanding our capacity by hiring a Project Coordinator.

About the Project Coordinator role

The Project Coordinator will work closely with Owen (the programme’s Director) and Rose (the programme’s Project Manager) to ensure the programme runs well. The Coordinator’s main responsibilities will be:

  • Day-to-day operations of the programme, including scheduling and monitoring our progress
  • Developing scalable financial and administrative processes, for example for research mentorship or visits
  • Stakeholder management and communications
  • Planning research retreats
  • Managing FHI’s DPhil scholarship process

In addition to these core activities, we expect the Project Coordinator to spend some of their time leading side projects. Some examples of possible side projects are: developing online content for the programme, experimenting with other ways of training researchers (for example a two week workshop), and providing direct operations support or research assistance to scholars.

We expect that this role will suit people who:

  • Feel actively excited about getting things done and executing on plans
  • Enjoy creating new processes from scratch
  • Are reflective and good at engaging with researchers
  • Might want to work in ops, and either want to be a generalist, or are keen to try out a range of different things to find out which they’re good at

On the other hand, this will likely be a less good fit for you if:

  • You know that you ultimately want to do research
  • You don’t enjoy organising things (for example, you strongly prefer making plans to implementing them)
  • You know you want to work in ops, and you already know that you want to specialise in a particular area

It’s also worth noting that:

  • We’re looking for a candidate who can start as soon as possible, before the next cohort of research scholars joins on 23rd September.
  • This role is not visa eligible, so candidates must have the right to work in the UK.

How to apply

  • The deadline for the initial written application, consisting of a CV and cover letter, is 12 noon on 10th July. You can apply here.
  • We will then invite shortlisted candidates to do a trial task of 1-3 hours and an interview. We hope to send out invites on 11th July, and the deadline for the trial task will be 12 noon on 15th July (and not the 16th of July as stated in the Further Particulars).
  • Interviews will take place on 16th July.

If you have any questions about this role, please contact

Note that the Global Priorities Institute is also hiring an operations assistant, and we expect some candidates will be interested in applying to both roles. For information on the GPI role, see here.

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