For the Summer Research Fellowship, FHI selects a cohort of research fellows  to pursue research aimed at improving the long-term future. This is an opportunity to work with researchers and make original contributions in a young and exciting field.

Participants take the lead on a project, with mentorship and support from a more experienced researcher on FHI’s Research Scholarship Programme. The expected output over a six week fellowship is a research article or similar on a question relevant to the long-term future. A review of the 2020 programme by the organising team can be found here.

Currently we do expect to open applications for a 2021 cohort, but do not yet have a concrete timeline.

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Who the Summer Research Fellowship is for

Fellows will show an aptitude for independent research, good written communication skills, relevant knowledge, and an understanding of our work. Applicants are considered with academic backgrounds ranging from pre-undergrad to those with a doctorate.

In assessing candidates, we look for:

  • Good judgment about which directions to pursue
  • Clarity of language, communication, and thinking
  • Generating interesting and thoughtful ideas
  • Ability to think and work independently
  • Intellectual ability and curiosity
  • Relevance of the research question to improving the long-term future.