We are looking for exceptional researchers to contribute to our Technical AI Safety team. The long-term goal of this research is to contribute to safe, robust AGI systems that are aligned with human values. FHI offers talented researchers freedom to think about the most important issues of our era in an environment with other brilliant minds who are willing to constructively engage with a broad range of ideas.

We are looking to hire across grades and experience levels: Researchers, Research Fellows, and Senior Research Fellows. Applications close 19th October 2020, noon BST.

We are hiring in all areas of AI Safety research. FHI’s existing research on AI Safety is broad. For example, on the theoretical end, our interests include models of causal influence, and the limitations of value learning. On the experimental side, we have been interested in training deep learning models to decompose complex tasks, and to be more robust to large errors. Some examples of FHI’s research are: [1], [2], [3]. Groups at DeepMind, CHAI, MIRI and OpenAI are also conducting highly relevant research.

Researchers with a primary focus on AI Safety may also have the opportunity to do research in other areas. This might include research in/on AI or Machine Learning outside of AI Safety and research in any of FHI’s other research areas.

We are primarily looking for researchers with experience in relevant areas of computer science and statistics, although the required experience ultimately depends on the kind of research proposed by the candidate.

Candidates will be asked to submit a research paper “single authored, if possible”. We understand that papers in computer science and machine learning usually have multiple authors. There is no need to submit a single authored paper. We suggest that candidates select a paper on which they made a substantial contribution


We are hiring researchers across our levels of seniority: 

Researchers: You will hold a first degree, with evidence of research potential in a relevant field. You would be expected to pursue independent research projects, with little guidance from more experienced team members. For the Researcher positions apply here

Research Fellows: You will have a Bachelors and/or Masters degree with at least two years of research experience and evidence of research potential in a relevant field for your specialism. Typically, Research Fellows have a PhD or an equivalent amount of research experience. You would possess sufficient specialist knowledge in the discipline to pursue independent tracks, with an ability to manage your own research and related activities with little guidance. For the Research Fellow positions apply here

Senior Research Fellows: You would hold a relevant Ph.D. with either post-qualification research experience or equivalent experience in a non-academic setting. Typically, Senior Research Fellows have 5+ years of post-PhD research experience. You would have a strong publication record or equivalent experience in a non-academic setting. Excellent candidates can set up their research teams, under the guidance of the Director. For the Senior Research Fellow positions apply here

If you aren’t sure which two grades applies to you, then please apply to both of them, and we will consider you for the right one. 

Application process

Stage 1:

Candidates apply, submitting

  • A CV, including a link to your professional website or Google Scholar page where possible
  • A cover letter. Your cover letter should be no more than 400 words and should:
    • Explain how you meet the selection criteria for the role, and
    • Outline one research idea, of something you would like to, or would like the FHI to pursue, and why
  • Details of two academic referees and permission to contact them. If you are shortlisted we will take up references. Candidates are advised to let their referees know to expect they may be contacted. 

Stage 2: 

  • Shortlisted candidates submit a 1000 word research proposal, focused on one question, outlining why it is important, and how they would answer it
  • Shortlisted candidates complete trial tasks and are interviewed by the selection committee
  • References are collected
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