Very often we are uncertain about what we ought, morally, to do. How should we make decisions in the face of such uncertainty? Moral Uncertainty, a new book by William MacAskill, Toby Ord & Krister Bykvist, tackles this question.

Decision-making in the face of fundamental moral uncertainty is underexplored terrain: William MacAskill, Krister Bykvist, and Toby Ord argue that there are distinctive norms by which it is governed, and which depend on the nature of one’s moral beliefs.

Toby Ord is a Senior Research Fellow at FHI. He is a co-founder of Giving What We Can His current research is on the longterm future of humanity, and the risks which threaten to destroy our entire potential. His recently published book, The Precipice, explores these topics and concludes that safeguarding our future is among the most pressing and neglected issues we face. Toby has advised the World Health Organization, the World Bank, the World Economic Forum, and the UK Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet Office.

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