We are seeking applications for two full time Project Manager roles. These roles will perform a critical function advancing FHI’s mission to ensure a long flourishing future. Both posts are fixed-term for 3 years from the date of appointment.

Project Manager for the Research Scholars Programme (RSP).

Applications are invited for full-time Research Scholars Project Manager within the Future of Humanity Institute (FHI) at the University of Oxford. This programme aims to create more direct career paths for researchers into the type of multidisciplinary big-picture work that FHI pursues. The programme employs small cohorts of early-career researchers, and focuses on helping them to execute on high-value work within FHI’s remit. The Research Scholars Project Manager will be responsible for the strategic vision of the programme as well as the day-to-day implementation of this vision.

An excellent project manager would save researcher time, improve researcher productivity and enable higher-impact outcomes for the programme. These outcomes include both the immediate learning and research value created, and the long-term intellectual contribution of both the researchers within the programme, and external early-career researchers we engage with. This role is an opportunity for an exceptional individual to multiply their impact in the context of FHI’s work to improve the outlook of the long-term future.

Apply here by 12 noon UK time on 31st August. As well as a CV and cover letter, applicants are asked to submit a statement of between 500 and 1000 words explaining what they think will be particularly important to convey to programme participants in their first three weeks, and what we might do to convey this.’

In case of queries, please contact

Project Manager for the Governance of Artificial Intelligence Program (GovAI).

The GovAI Program is undergoing a period of exciting expansion, strategy development, and partnership development, and the Project Manager will be an integral part of driving this growth forward.

The Project Manager will play a key role ensuring that these plans are executed upon. This includes but is not limited to creating opportunities for amplifying the impact of research outputs, establishing partnerships with relevant stakeholders in academia and policymaking circles, and acting as an ambassador for GovAI within Oxford and externally.  

This is a challenging and high opportunity role. It will benefit from an individual with a proactive mindset, excellent judgement, and ability to contribute to the range of the program’s activities. Other desired traits include operational and organizational skills, team management experience, and strong written and oral communication skills. The Project Manager will have responsibility for leading and carrying out projects. This role will interact with academic and administrative staff at all levels of the university.

Apply here by 12 noon UK time on 31st August. As well as a CV and cover letter, applicants are asked to submit a statement of between 500 and 1000 words which outlines your understanding of the path to positive influence for the Governance of AI Program (GovAI). You may want to suggest one or more endeavours that GovAI should prioritise to achieve that positive influence, and explain in particular how you could contribute to that path in this role.

If you have additional questions, you can email:

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