On Friday 09 August  Dr. Anders Sandberg will be one of the invited panelists discussing “The Future of AI: What if We Succeed?” at the 2013 Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Beijing, China.

IJCAI is the main international gathering of researchers in artificial intelligence. The panel, besides Anders, consists of Joanna Bryson (U. of Bath, coauthor of the EPSRC Principles of Robotics), Henry Kautz (U. of Rochester, President of AAAI, 2010-12), and Sebastian Thrun (Udacity/Google/Stanford, developer of the Google driverless car), and is moderated by Stuart J. Russell (UC. Berkeley, co-author of Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach).

Questions discussed will involve what we can say about likely developments in AI, their effects, how to balance the risks and benefits, and what kinds of solutions the AI field should pursue now in order to forestall future risks.

For further information, please visit: http://ijcai13.org/

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